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Nagase & Co., Ltd.

President's Message

Engaging customers, working for the benefit of society Global reach and originality backed by group capabilities

Takao Nakano

As its name suggests, Nagase Plastics(NPC) performs a crucial and strategic role in the Nagase Group's plastics operations.
Established in 1975, the company began as a seller of plastic packaging materials. It subsequently took on business related to plastic raw materials and plastic products for industrial and manufacturing applications, and has now grown to offer a full range of products and services encompassing the plastics upstream through downstream—from resins, to films and sheets, through to processed goods. Although most active in Japan, NPC works in cooperation with the Nagase Group's overseas subsidiaries to provide global support for customers' overseas ventures, import and export of materials, and other activities.
The Japanese plastics market faces a decline in market size and changing needs amid the accelerating shift to offshore production of consumer electronics, automobiles, and other products and a prolonged domestic consumer demand slump. I believe that such changes represent a major opportunity for trading companies. On the one hand, suppliers are pursuing more efficient production, while on the other, customers struggle vehemently to survive amid intensifying competition by deploying fine-grained differentiation strategies and developing appealing new products. Bridging this gap between customer and supplier needs and producing compelling product development proposals will enable us to expand market share and grow even further. To make this happen, we will make maximal use of the research, production, and distribution networks of the Nagase Group, which operates R&D facilities engaged in joint technology development with customers and encompasses plastic compound manufacturers and distribution companies offering top-notch just-in-time delivery systems. Through such activities, we aim to develop original NPC products. NPC's core businesses currently comprise consumer electronics, office automation, electrical wiring, and foods.
Looking forward, we intend to step up initiatives in new areas such as the environment, including natural energy and bio plastics, and health, including food safety, healthcare, and nursing care, and will move ahead to become “the world's leading plastics trading company”.
A crucial part of engaging customers as a trading company is to actually be engaging. We are striving to be the most engaging company in the world by offering customers compelling business proposals and innovations. And by working for the benefit of others, we are striving to be a world leader in terms of how extensively we contribute to our customers' and society's prosperity. We believe that such a company is one that can provide any and all services related to plastics, in which every sales representative has sophisticated expertise — a globally competent company marked by outstanding originality. To become such a company, we must maintain good and fair business practices in step with the entire Nagase Group.
We look forward to contributing to your company's development and success.

President and Representative Director
Takao Nakano

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